Serving Pleasanton, CA

(925) 222-5297

Serving Pleasanton, CA

(925) 222-5297

Karina R

They are the most experienced, committed, and passionate trainers I have the pleasure to train with. FC50 is focused on helping me achieve my goal of passing the new Army ACFT test and makes every session challenging and somehow fun. Peter always ensures my technique and form are always correct to avoid injuries and gives me the extra push I need when I feel like giving up. Peter is extremely reliable, punctual, respectful, and always ready to start the training routine ahead of time with the exercise routine planned. Lastly, in just over a month, I’m already noticing the changes in my body composition, strength level, confidence, and motivation. I will have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

Stephen A

Personal Training
FC50 Fitness and it’s trainers are professional and wise. Has targeted my physical needs and I have made amazing progress in just three weeks due to the well thought out exercise plan. Excellent personal trainers.


The first day I came in and did the evaluation, I knew I was definitely out of shape. While it was only a half an hour training session, I was shocked to find out just how out-of-shape I was. After I decided to join, I was introduced to meal plans, workouts and at home exercises to reach my goal. The trainers always keep you on your toes by always making it challenging yet in a fun and encouraging spirit. After sticking to the meal plans and workouts for four weeks, I found myself losing weight yet simultaneously gaining muscle. Every time I train, I find myself pushing harder for that PR. Highly recommend FC50 Fitness!

Tim U

FC50 Fitness offers the best valued training programs that I’ve ever experienced. In just 30 days, I have lost considerable weight, gained noticeable muscle and shed bodyfat! Highly recommend checking them out.


I use to be a member of Orange Theory but I found myself plateauing and I was unable to reach my fitness goals. I searched around, found FC50 Fitness and have been training here for a few weeks. Their training programs are very well organized, systematic and effective, hence I have broke my plateau. Now, we are working towards my next fitness milestone!


Last year I got artificial knee implants. Although I felt much better than pre surgery, I struggled with certain movements, mobility and ranges of motion. I needed help to regain overall strength, flexibility and posture. I’ve been with FC50 for less than 4 weeks and I’ve already shown significant improvements in all areas. I couldn’t be happier!

Naomi R

I usually don’t write reviews but after working out for 2 years now after having my son but haven't gotten the results that I wanted. I was very reluctant to go to a physical trainer because of past experiences. However, FC50 Fitness made me very comfortable with their health evaluation which put my goals into perspective and made me feel nonjudged. My main goal was to lose my stubborn baby weight and in 2 months I was already seeing my body change in the way that i wanted it to. They provided a customized nutrition plan at no extra cost and it was well suited to fit my lifestyle. I would recommend FC50 Fitness to anyone who is serious about getting results.

Keerthi H

Personal Training
The quality of the program is amazing. It’s been 4 weeks and so far I am enjoying the workouts and looking forward for the sessions. We are doing partner training and Peter is our trainer. He makes sure to push our body limits day by day and tries to improve our endurance. The workouts are more unique, intensive and makes it interesting where as the overall body will be worked out. Looking forward to reach my goal of weight loss and stay fit.

Geoffrey Laksmana

Ive spent minimal time working out and consider myself a newbie in the fitness realm. Since ive been training with Peter, i couldnt be happier with the service and value.

David Son

I use to be in the best shape over five years ago and I let myself go, I gained 40 lbs and didn’t do much physical activities. I was looking for a private gym that I can feel safe and get to my goal in these unprecedented times. After some considerable research and checking out different gyms, I came across FC50 Fitness I’ve been training with Peter at FC50 fitness three times per week and I’ve lost 27 lbs, improved my posture and overall strength in 14 weeks. I owe it to their deep knowledge in fitness and nutrition. Check them out!

Joseph J

I am an avid runner. I use to run 7 miles per day for the past 15 years. In the recent months I've been experiencing pain in my knees. I've since given running a break and wanted to focus on getting in shape. I've been working with Peter twice per week and I am highly satisfied with his knowledge as well as his training style. We've been working on knee and core stability exercises that are both challenging and rewarding. highly recommend checking out FC50 training!

Thomas Kang

I've been training at FC50 for 2 months now since it opened. I highly recommend to give this place a try. The staff is amazing and they genuinely care about you as a person along with your overall success. My trainer has over 15 years of professional experience and he is absolutely the best of the best. I've managed to lose 20lbs and 4% body fat. FIVE STARS!!!

Larry Banda

I’ve trained at FC50 Fitness with Peter for about a month now. It’s absolutely my favorite time of the week and I would highly recommend it to others. The owners of the facility seem like genuinely nice people and have all the necessary equipment for a full gym experience. Peter is like the best friend you wish you always had. He is very responsive even when I am not at the gym, and he occasionally checks up on my own development and progress even at home. In the gym he is very professional, constantly reminding me to stay on pace and to push myself to achieve my goals. His exercises, in my opinion, are highly effective. For example, I have dealt with a back problem for several weeks, we began addressing the associated muscle groups and now I’m beginning to feel much better. All this to say that if you have reached a point in your life that you believe you need a trainer to help you reach your health goals, Peter is an excellent trainer who has a genuine interest in seeing you succeed. Take the leap! Give him a call and change your life for the better!