Serving Pleasanton, CA

(925) 222-5297

Serving Pleasanton, CA

(925) 222-5297


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We have decades of experience helping clients from all walks of life.


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We help clients overcome pre-existing limitations to enable quality in movement.

ABOUT FC50 Fitness

FC50 Fitness is a fitness center in Pleasanton, CA, dedicated to providing individualized personal training plans for our clients. We specialize in full body core-activation workouts aimed to burn over 500+ calories in one session. Our members are properly guided through unique best practices to achieve maximum fitness results. We recognize that everyone is different with their own unique goals and fitness levels, which is why we put together fitness plans for each client to receive training and guidance that is specific to them and their needs. We will help you develop fitness goals, regardless of what they may be, and provide you with all the resources you need to succeed.

Our services include:

Private Personal Training
Small Group Training
Online Personal Training
Aerobics Training
HIIT Training
Strength And Conditioning
Muscular Endurance Training
Sports Training
Body Building
Kid's Yoga
Kid's Fitness Classes
Kid's HIIT Classes
Kid's Sports
Group Fitness Classes

FC50 Fitness offers a talented faculty of personal trainers, flexible scheduling, and results that speak for themselves. We will even help put together a regimen of vitamins and supplements that you should take to make sure that your body has everything it needs to maintain optimal performance. We have Kids Spring Camp 2024 and Kids Summer Camp 2024! We are committed to helping you achieve your goals, so if you would like to get started on a personal training plan that’s just for you, please contact us at FC50 Fitness today!

FC50 Fitness

Meet the Founder: Peter Jeung

Peter has been a fitness lover for the past 25 years and has actively started his personal training/coaching career since 2007. Upon completing various exercise science and strength & conditioning credentials, Peter has worked with thousands of clients across LA Fitness, Bally’s, and 24 Hour Fitness. In the past two decades, Peter has opened several boutique personal training/group training facilities to make health, positive energy, and fitness accessible to clients from all walks of life. Peter still coaches long-term clients but spends the majority of his time managing the operations of FC50 Fitness. During his free time, Peter will be found hiking, biking, electric skateboarding, walking his rescued dog, and spending time with loved ones. Peter is very grateful that his career has allowed him to be a part of making a positive impact in his local communities.


At FC50 (Functional Core 50), we are a family-centric community that encourages and empowers every member to live a healthy and active lifestyle. In doing so, our members are properly guided through unique best practices to achieve. Expect a scientific and systematic approach to training that promotes the acceleration of meeting your goals. Starting with the fundamentals, you can expect timely progression and challenges to empower you every time. Our programs include one on one training, partner training, small group training, small group aerobics, and more. Whatever you are looking for within the health and fitness industry, we got your back! Visit FC50 Fitness today!


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