Serving Pleasanton, CA

(925) 222-5297

Serving Pleasanton, CA

(925) 222-5297

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I bring with me?
● Water, Towel and Positive Energy

2. What should I do when I first show up for class/personal training
● Warm up for 5 minutes using a cardio machine of your choice or dynamic warm up provided by FC50 specialists
● Upon completing the warmup on your own, your instructor will guide you on next steps and your amazing workout of the day

3. How long are the classes/personal training sessions?
● Group Classes: 50 minutes
● Small Group Classes: 60 minutes
● Personal training sessions: 60 minutes

4. How do I schedule training sessions?
● Contact your personal trainer or instructor via text/phone or feel free to reach out to our administrator with any questions at [email protected]

5. Should I eat prior to working out or after?
● We recommend you eat 2 hours prior to working out as we’ve found clients to have additional sustained energy compared to eating 1 hour before workouts

6. How much protein should I consume daily?
● 80-120% of weight (lbs) in grams of protein per day depending on your goals

7. How do I know I am getting closer to reaching my fitness goals?
● Monthly Goal tracking is measured through innovative 3D Body Composition Scanning. It starts by scanning you for 27 different circumference measurements in about 30 seconds. The software will help you better define your fitness goals, timeline to reach those goals, and how to manage when comparing data with trends. Other goals can be set outside of scanning, such as specific exercises, stretches and endurance.

8. Should I avoid Cardio while Bulking?
● Research shows that incorporating cardio into a lifting program can boost stamina and training volume, helping you get more reps done and perform more exercises during each workout. People who incorporate weightlifting into their training plans, meanwhile, can enjoy improvements in not only speed, economy, and power output, but also time to exhaustion.

9. Should You Do Cardio Before or After You Lift Weights?
● Five minute dynamic warmup is recommended. Although it depends on your fitness level, goals, and duration of workout, we generally recommend to lift first and cardio second. Pre-fatiguing your muscles, core stability and energy with cardio prior to lifting weights could elevate risk of injury.